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Discussion on: Being a good programmer vs. Having a good health

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Iren Korkishko Author

Oh, he loves Cola so much! I hate when he drinks it :) And about turning off the WiFi - that is too risky, because he hates when he's forced to do something (and the negotiations do not help). Stubborn man! But I once conferred him to make make some yoga at home. He tried, he liked, but soon he forgot his intend, and we turned to the beginning point...

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Maybe you can agree on one no-computer/internet day per week, e.g. Sundays. Or an internet-fasting for one weekend every month. I have the feeling, that programming is addictive, thus there will always be a pain if you can't do it for a day or two, but one can un-learn that addiction.

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Rudolf Olah

What helped me get off of Coca-Cola was switching from Coke to Diet Coke and then to Coke Zero and then to water. It's so addictive that for some people only a progressive way of getting rid of it will work. That worked for me and I really do not miss the taste of Coke.

I also used Loop - Habit Tracker to keep track of how many days in a row I did not drink a Coke. Having a visible track record is very important as you start to want to avoid breaking the chain by keeping up the habit.