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Discussion on: Why I don't use web components

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Israel Flores DGA • Edited
  1. "I think that websites should work without JavaScript wherever possible."
    I believed in that five, six years ago when mobiles phones didn't supported JavaScript.
    Today, I don't see why not use something that is native in the browsers (even when not all browser works the same)

  2. Seriusly, then why lost time creating HTML5, CSS3 (and later), ES2016+, and the same Svelte. Only use html and your prefered backend

  3. Well, or you implement polyfills, because they are common, or they are traspiled with babel.

  4. 🤦‍♂

  5. Again, if that were the case not even Svelte need to exist. We could simply use vanilla JS (preES6), or if you prefer VB6 or symphony. (just to say a few examples)