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While every company needs a programmer at this point, I don't see there really being a need for hiring one fulltime. There will come a time when some people have a baseline knowledge of things where you can just pull aside someone in HR or accounting to do some quick updates to an internal tool or to the corporate website and then have them go back to their real work. Software houses will still pay well, but the idea that every programming gig pays well, as well as every student being taught some tech, will mean that eventually maintance work will be done on the fly by someone passable.

I could see, then, less entry level learn on the job type of work and more of a demand for specialized or experienced work. Good for those in the business now but maybe not so for people looking to get in in 10 years.

Personally, I feel quite overpaid and overvalued for what I do, so I'm saving and investing as much as I reasonably can (city rent, school loans...) in preperation for the market wising up :P

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