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Discussion on: My year on the frontend, 2020 edition

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Jack H. Peterson

Our stories seem extremely similar! I was trying to build everything in elm, and now I'm more selective. I've been learning to embrace other solutions out there.
Personally, Alpine and Hotwire are very cool ideas, but I'm not a big fan of some of the conventions and syntax; (htmx)[] is more ideal imo. I think the swyx article is right in the difference between web-apps and websites. Lots of my work recently is websites so things like htmx seem more compelling. For webapps, svelte for components and elm for the structure seems ideal.

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Peter Szerzo Author • Edited

That's awesome, looks like we're all figuring it out little by little.

I'm also not a fan of Alpine and Hotwire syntax. At the same time, what I saw this past year is that I'm compromising more about syntax. Not always happy about that, but it does allow collaboration with a more diverse group, which seems to make sense in my current work environments. Who knows what happens down the line though :).