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Discussion on: Frontend, backend - let's be friends again

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I've worked on full stack teams a few times, and each time I find people are still drawn to one side or the other. I always ended up with the front end work and the backend-focused developers always shied away from it.
I've also worked at places where the gulf between FE and BE devs was so huge, there was some real animosity between the 2 sides.
The problem is that all BE developers think the whole app should be served up by the backend, and front end devs think the entire app should be driven by js.
For me ive found the best way to keep the 2 sides in parity is to work on having a similar architecture and ethos between the 2. If a backend developer looks at the frontend code and feels familiarity with it, that lowers the supposed complexity barrier immediately.

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Mitch VanDuyn

Man you said it. That is exactly why we use at our business. Sure some folks are better at front end and others are better at backend, but at least with a framework like hyperstack (there are others) everbody can read, understand, and fix everybody elses code.

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