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A few bullet points:

  • Microsoft decided to put the Windows kernel into Git, but it is HUGE and so created the Git Virtual File System (GVFS), so only the parts you work with are local to your machine.

  • Microsoft put out WSL last year, and their bug tracking is done in I have three issues (using Ubuntu's apt-check to show if I have updates, using cpan under WSL (solved) and lack of unicode/emoji support (because I use emoji in my prompt)), and the cpan issue got solved, the apt-check issue hasn't and the emoji issue got pushed over to Console, which should have an update allowing better Unicode support soon.

I am writing this on Chrome in Ubuntu. I use VS Code, but I use Vim a lot to fix things I can't get Code to do right, yet. (The perltidy extension does not read my wildly-ideosyncratic perltidyrc, for example.)

I came up in programming in the 1990s, where friends and Slashdot comments gave me "M$" and "MicroSucks" as preferred names. My objection to Microsoft projects is that they were heavy and didn't do what I wanted. You can see your files in Explorer, but you can do anything with your files with a terminal, bash and a few other tools.

If I have to touch most things in Office, I take it as a sign that I have sinned and must be punished. (Excel is the exception.) I use Windows for 1) the toys (Does XCOM2 work on Linux?) and because I need to know it for work. But, having tried Atom and Sublime Text (2, not 3), I use VS Code because it is the best tool for the job.

Plus, of course: Microsoft buying GitHub is good because it means that Oracle can't buy GitHub, which means we're not in the darkest timeline.

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