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Discussion on: Is Microservices a good choice ?

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Microservices in terms of code architecture are IMHO a bad choice. You should base your decisions based on what makes sense for you and what problems you have to solve.

Upsides of microservices usually are the standalone nature of said service, the independence from other teams and the independent deployment cycle. (teams are not blocked by each other)

If you don't need those or you don't have these problems, sticking with a traditional approach is probably the better choice.

Monolyths (with a modular code structure) are usually easier to debug and for lower throughout faster since you don't need to have the additional http overhead.

Also one nogo for me: sharing database between services. That's a big big red flag! Don't do that, it will cause so much pain

A skilled dev team can utilize packages/modules will have a way more consistent and efficient Programm that is easier to debug and operate, micro-service or even micro-frontend architectures solve an organisational problem, rarely a technical one