Discussion on: 3 Things I learned transitioning from Remote to an Office

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James Hickey

Thanks Lindsey! I def. can relate to the part of being passionate about your work. It's tough when you want to help the company succeed and are really passionate because you care! But sometimes a point comes, like you had, where there just may not be the reciprocity for your investment and attempts to add value the company.

Curious how many others have faced that (I have!)? Is it something that tends to happen after doing the same thing for a certain period of time? Or just a cultural thing company-wise?

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Lindsey Kopacz Author

Oh yes, I'd love to hear others' experiences as well with this. I am pretty certain that many people have struggle with it.

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Scott Simontis

I think this is why good management is so crucial. When management makes themselves unavailable and disconnects from their team (hiding out in meetings all day, not aware of daily operational events, too many fires to put out to get out of their office and recognize contributions by the team, straight-up narcissism). There's a lot of very different reasons it can happen, but it seems fairly common for management to take someone's work for granted and only recognize how much that person cared/how much they accomplished/how they boosted morale once that person leaves for greener pastures.