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Discussion on: Say Goodbye to Pesky Overflowing Text With the text-overflow CSS Property

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jan paul • Edited on

i do lots of web, but i still hate css. because it often feels like


this it magic? webkit crossbrowser? i learned smthng here. -webkit-line-clamp: 3;

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Vitor Paladini Author • Edited on

The -webkit part is a prefix that states that this property probably only works with WebKit based browsers.

Some properties are unique to Chrome/Safari so you may need to write browser-specific CSS from time to time.


But those in the example above are deprecated/non-standard properties and should not be used.


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Louis Low • Edited on

Yea, very crossing browser. If you hate CSS that much, I still can recommend you another way by using the Yogurt CSS framework.

<!-- Example -->
<y class="clamp-3">
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Still hate it, try making your own styling dev tool.