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Discussion on: Using a tool vs. knowing how a tool works internally.

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João Vítor Monteiro

Vue indeed covers a different use case than React. Eventually we all have to look deeper inside a framework to understand how it works. The thing is: sometimes you don't have the time. Sometimes you just want things to work. This is a recurrent discussion in the Dev/CS/Programming community: Ubuntu vs Arch, C/C++ vs Python, React vs Vue vs Angular.
Some things are easier to understand than others. But maybe, just maybe, I don't want to understand. Maybe I just want a good UX. Maybe I just want it to work "out of the box".
If you'd like to understand this point better, there's a documentary about Vue.js on YouTube.

I like Vue a lot. I also like React a lot. But after 1 week of learning React, I realized I'd have to learn a ton of other libs, and then I just dropped it for the meantime. So yeah, React is easier to understand, but I'm not a Logic/Theory of Computing/Compilers and have been using Vue at work for a year or so without problems since day 1. I've been using React on the side for 3-4 months and am still stuck on the "hooks vs classes" discussion, which I'd appreciate if you showed me a tutorial for.

In any case, I like your point very much, but the truth is: we gotta work. And most of the times, you don't have nor have the time to understand how something works. The framework devs will do it for you, which is the whole point in products.

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Anurag Hazra Author

good points, agreed! :D