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Discussion on: The Art of Programming

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Jascha van Aalst

This resonates pretty deeply with me.
I dropped out of a graphic design school that provided an environment that truly felt like home to me (Grafisch Lyceum Utrecht).

I traded in their supposedly 'hardest study to get accepted' for a less then mediocre-IT study which felt like it was actively trying to be so uninspiring that teachers could get away with not teaching at all, because the few students left after year 1 are the "I chose IT because I just want to game in class" ones.
I officially spent 48% of the study, trying to numb the sense of constant disappointment through smoking unnecessary amounts of weed.

I switched because the graphic one triggered a perfectionist in me that was so impatient and strict that It resulted in me trying to ignore away the need for education (once again with weed).
So I made the sketchy (and uninformed) decision without any pre-existing background, in the naive hope for a very slim chance that "the actual work experience wouldn't suck".

I did this because I briefly talked to someone who made exactly this case which in my mind was a complete gamble but on paper seemed like it made sense...

This has been the best decision I made in my life so far.