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Discussion on: Windows 10 calendar hover effect using HTML, CSS, and vanilla JS

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Jash Gopani Author

Hi @the_riz ,
Thank you for going through all the posts and giving your feedback 🙂
I did not get your points 3,4,5; if you could elaborate on that, please...
For the rest,

  1. My aim was to give effect to any non-input element...button/div/p/span etc. So I just used div for demonstration purpose and win-btn class name is just for analogy purpose. In actual apps, it can be any target element. So the purpose was not at all to replace the button; it was just for demo.
  2. Accessibility wise it is not a good practice to remove the outline, but again I didn't care about accessibility in this.
  3. More than a matter of taste, I was not building a big production application, this is just a small piece of code where I wanted everything to be in upper case..hence the approach.

This is definitely not the best CSS code, I agree...its just that I wanted to create this quickly and many things were trial and error based.😂
Hope you get my point (*Don't think of this reply as a rude one,🙈 as it isn't meant to *)