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Discussion on: Evolution of My Personal Site

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Jason Espin

Mine has never gotten off the ground. I have the hosting (free thanks to some development awards I gained a couple of years ago) but I never know what I actually want my site to be. As a full-stack developer I absolutely suck at design and cannot dream up the perfect template. I also don't want to go to some random template site and use that as I have no confidence in someone else's code being of good quality so I would rather just have a design and implement it myself. The main bugbear though is time. I'm so busy coding day in day out and earning a living that in my spare time I don't want to code. I want to sit down and watch some TV or play some games or follow one of my other interests. I guess as someone who only takes permanent roles it's not that much of an issue but I can understand why those who work as contractors may want / need a personal site but if i'm honest, when I am looking to hire people if they have a personal site and have been working full-time it suggests to me they either haven't been all that busy or they code too much. Just my 2 cents.