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Discussion on: There's no such thing as a full stack developer

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Jason Belcher

I think one of the issues is the defined term, "Full Stack" means different things to different developers. For me, It used to mean I can build an application in whatever front-end framework or even Vanilla.js with an MVC pattern and Observables to glue it together and the ability to create a REST API to persist data. Unfortunately, after I got a job I realized I knew almost nothing about the back-end other than the api part. I know my way around Express.js, Restify and other similar backend Node.js based frameworks but I couldn't actually deploy anything at scale. I can build a MEAN/MERN stack app like nobodies business but god help me if I'm by myself trying to load balance anything, cache resources, setup reverse proxies, setup server monitoring/logging, dev-ops tool chains and a plethora of other things in the stack that are required to handle millions of connections. I've been humbled by it all and I slowly want to learn more but it's a long road that a 3 month boot-camp will never be able to teach.