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Hi Andrew, Interesting question. Parsey McParseface is trained with a lot of English words. If the word 'Parsey McParseface' is already labeled into it, it can parse it. But, if it's a new word, it will try guessing to its nearest meaning, but can be embarrassingly wrong few times. It has 94% accuracy, so I guess Parsey should parse it.

"Computers can’t truly understand the human language", we can train a model and it can do tasks on the basis of the data it has been fed. But it cannot understand and make a sense of sentences like we as humans can do. Human language has a lot of ambiguity, it's difficult to get the 'correct' meaning of a sentence. We as humans can figure out the variations but computers can't. Yes, making computers understand this will be difficult, but parsers like Parsey might try leveling down such ambiguities.

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