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re: Hello! I'm currently trying to learn more about parsers and SQL, so I started a side project (actually two) to cover these topics. I started my ac...

I wouldn't mind helping you learn more about SQL. What flavor of SQL are you starting with? (MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server, ...)


That sounds awesome, thank you very much!

For my side project(s) I'm building a parser for a subset of MySQL in JavaScript as project 1.
Project 2 depends on project 1 and utilizes the parser to make SQL queries on delimiter separeted values like CSV and TSV files. It's also written in JS, but both are super early in development (It works, but doesn't support many operations).

You can see it on npm or github, there is a demo gif in the readme.

I guess for this it would be most useful to have the possibility to ask some quick questions like "did I get the order of operations correctly?" or "is this really what clause XY should do?".

On the other hand we're using software at work that's build on top of MS SQL (an ERP sytem for example).
I have several ideas on how to make life of my coworkers easier but I'm super afraid of touching that mission critical databases.

So for this part I have questions like

  • How to make a copy of that database, so I can play around with the data without the possibility of breaking things?
  • Is there some kind of event system in MS SQL which one could react to (fire a script if x happens)?
  • How to navigate through a database you basically know nothing about?
    • Which tables and columns exist, how are there relations?
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