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Discussion on: 5 Awesome Visual Studio Code Features

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Jan Doubek Author

Yeah, I can imagine that for someone who's used to Visual Studio Code, the classic Visual Studio may present a very different (clumsy) experience. Microsoft has made a ton of great improvements though in the latest version (2019) and the upcoming 2022 release is supposed to be even better.

I personally still find Visual Studio great for large (monolith) applications. WinForms, WPF and old ASP.NET web apps.

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Pavel Morava

Curiously enough, I was programming in the old Visual Studios when DotNET was starting, and even then, I preferred SharpDevelop over VS Studio. Compared to JetBrains products which feel cumbersome compared to VS Code as well, VS Studio just feels wrong.

You can check this video if you are curious about JetBrains philosophy. It is quite revealing even if you do not plan to switch.

I suspect that it takes a long time to get accustomed to the ways VS does things. Anyway, I saw a few Csharpists who had abandoned VS almost completely in favor of VS Code. You may become one of them :)