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Discussion on: ColdFusion SetCookie UDF (Supports “SameSite”)

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JD • Edited

James, for CF-4201688 did you actually get it to work? I am running CF2018 Enterprise ver. 2018.0.08.318307 on Websphere 9 and OS: RedHat Enterprise Linux 7.2. We applied hf201600-4201688 as the instructions stated; however, I noticed "Catalina.jar" file does not exists in any directory as I believe that is used on Tomcat. It doesn't appear that the samesite attribute of cfcookie works. I don't receive an error for that samesite attribute like I did before applying the fix but it doesn't appear to pass the value.

Example: cfcookie name="TEST" value="abc123" samesite="None"
Cookie Result:
NAME: "AMWEBJCT!%2Fjrtlappsdev!TEST"
VALUE: "abc123"

SAMESITE: is empty