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re: Thanks for the tutorial. Is it possible to use this tutorial on JHipster 6.5.1?

Thanks! I haven't tried it, but there shouldn't be any difference from using start.spring.io, so yes it should work the same. You'll need to tweak the SecurityConfiguration class probably - have a look at the OICD option, it should be pretty close to what you need. Oh, and please send an update if you succeed! Maybe a tip on jhipster.tech/tips/ ?


Hello Julien,
in my git repository i have published a JHipster 6.5.1 Project with the
implementation of Login by Azure Active Directory.

Function: Login / Logout

When and if you have time you can review the code!
Thanks a lot for this tutorial!

This is the link github.com/ivan86to/jhipster-ad-azure

Thanks a lot!! This should be a new security option in JHipster, we need to automate this. Would you be interested in contributing this? It's mostly a matter of transforming your existing code into templates. Or at the minimum this should be in our tips section.


Ok, login work success with less modifications :)
But the Logout resource not work because
.get("end_session_endpoint") return null.
I try to fix this problem

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