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Discussion on: Do I need to code in my free time to be a good developer?

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Jef LeCompte

Thanks for such a lengthy response. I liked both the original article and your article!

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@seanmay (I couldn't reply directly to you due to threading in

These people not only can't ask each other for code reviews, they don't even have enough knowledge and experience to hire the correct person to be able to do so.

I work in a heavily regulated environment - to be able to conduct a sensible code review, you don't need specialists - you just need people that will be honest.

I'm the most senior person on my team, in many ways (length of time for the company, length of time in the language, most responsibility yadda yadda yadda). I'm not, however, infallible. I'll happily have anyone that can just about read the language and still has warm blood critique my code.

End of the day, if a senior looks & spots a bug, great. If a brand-new-first-week-on-the-job junior looks at my code & doesn't understand what it's doing, I've done something very wrong & it needs re-work. I want them to tell me they don't understand, so I can re-write it and I can help mentor them if that's appropriate. Or they should be questioning me on why I implemented the way I did.

If the same junior reads the ticket I'm working on, and doesn't understand it, then we all did something wrong during Sprint Planning, because we accepted a ticket that couldn't be "picked up by anyone" (caveat, if all they need is a domain specific dictionary, that's fine).

To go back to your medical analogy for a moment - I'm perhaps a little strange. A while ago, I went into hospital for a scan on my shoulder. Being that there's nothing particularly hard for the CT to see, they had to inject dye. Right into the middle of my shoulder. They had a student doctor on duty, and asked if I minded. Before I replied, she said she'd not done this exact procedure herself before. "Sure, you've got to start somewhere... if you're confident enough to give it a crack, get on with it."

25mins later (for a relatively straight forward injection) she's still poking my shoulder & rummaging around. Then she says that she needs to go get someone else, because this isn't working the way she expected. More experienced doctor comes in, 30 seconds later, job done.

She couldn't apologise enough, but as I see it, she was a junior trying her best, and she asked for a peer review so she could learn. Can't ask for much better than that, and I'm sure she won't want to make the same mistake in future. (turns out, I have a misaligned A/C joint)