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Discussion on: Of Chickens and Pigs - The Dilemma of Creator Self Promotion

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jen chan • Edited

While I haven't been as deeply involved in an open source project like you per se... like you I've been part of some grassroots organizing of studio art collective, DIY art scene stuff and some online communities. This kind of thing is often thankless and much easier with my more stable income.

For me so far, with OSS contributions since it's voluntary I feel I need to play it by ear...I can't expect people to get back to my PR, if ever.

Where your article's pigs and chickens analogy resounded to me though, was to do with experiences of workplaces where the original software came up in a very community-involved way but they were trying to bring it into an enterprise tier... been at 2 companies like that and various politics or scaling happened to make pigs and chickens (and farmers) quite unhappy with each other. Having product focus and keeping everyone included makes a difference, it seems.... and of course, as projects grow and change churn is inevitable.

I didn't exactly understand what kind of critique you were experiencing til I read the comments.... And if you are I almost think, wow you unlocked a new level if you create a project that's significant to be considered "alternative" or competition!