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re: I love it! It looks amazing. Your color palette is vibrant and your content modules are clearly organized. Love love love it <3 I recently redi...

Thanks Toni! I used to generate my pallatte since I am terrible at picking colors unless it's paint lol

I really liked your site! I love the banner on your homepage and the way you designed the portfolio page. Keep it up!


I'll definitely bookmark coolors. I like Kuler by Adobe but it's always great to find more resources :D

Thank you so much for your positive feedback! It means so much coming from someone as talented as you!!

I'm still cleaning up the portfolio page. I can't seem to push the menu more to the left while pushing the background graphic to the right, so there's a bit more contrast between them. I might have to do it dirty and create graphics with loads of white space to achieve my goal LOL

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