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Discussion on: The full-stack dilemma

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Jen Miller

I don't think the term full stack is new, it has been around for a while. In fact, I would say the relatively recent introduction of new powerful front-end frameworks coupled by the rise of coding camps (that lean towards front-end technologies) created a influx of developers with skills in front-end technologies with less 'backend' experience. Those that wanted to focus and differentiate themselves from the sea of other developers started emphasizing the front-end term.

In addition, many new front-end developers seemed irritated that many employers at the time was still were looking for ideal talent with both frontend and back-end skills. This created a backlash towards the 'full-stack' moniker.

Comparing 7 years ago to today, I think today's front-end technologies and its fast past 'may' lean towards specialization but I think there is still a need and demand for developers that can do both and enjoy working on the front-end and backend.