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Discussion on: Web Development !== Computer Science

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Jens H. Nielsen

"Web Development !== Computer Science" or "Programming !== Computer Science" ?

There are both theoretical and practical disciplines within Computer Science. It depends on your definition. If you mean Computer Science is only theory, you would be right. If you mean that web development most of the time is not as complex, and therefore not Computer Science, as say AI then you are wrong.

I can create a neural network in 3 lines of code in Python, about the same as writing an event handler for a button click. I don't have to know all the internals of a neural network to use it. It all comes down to frameworks. So does that mean only frameworks are Computer Science worthy?

At the end of the day Javascript, Python, C, C++ etc. are all Turing complete languages. So it has nothing to do with the power of languages.

"When's the last time you really had to do complex math in web development?" When was the last time you had to do complex math in anything? Last I did complex math was in animation code, but the math would be the same no matter the language or platform.