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Discussion on: My 5 Favorite Software Design Principles 

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Jeremy Morgan Author

While I agree many organizations abuse the terms, there is a clear difference.

It's similar to a bricklayer and the architect drawing up plans. While they're both essential to creating the building, each has their own craft to it. This is exactly why some people enjoy being developers and staying developers rather than move to the engineering side of things.

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Janne "Lietu" Enberg

This is like arguing "hacker" is different from "cracker", might have been the case 30 years ago, definitely not so in the world we live in now. The security industry decided to find a new way to differentiate with the white/gray/black -hats.

I've worked in the industry quite a long time and never think a "Software Engineer" is in any way different from "Developer" when I see them in CVs/business cards/whatever. With the way people abuse the terms I barely see any difference between a "Junior Developer", "Developer", or "Senior Developer" .. hell some "Lead Developers" are basically people who learned to code 2 years ago on some online site and someone incompetent then hired them in their startup.

At least the difference between Developer, Architect, DevOps/SRE, etc. still mostly remains clear.