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Discussion on: Dependency Injection in JavaScript 101

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Jeremy Likness ⚡️ Author

Absolutely. Your point is a good one because JavaScript doesn't adhere to the same rules more strictly typed, object-oriented languages do. Angular chose the approach of injecting dependencies but JavaScript (and TypeScript, for that matter) have better support for aspect-oriented programming in my opinion. To illustrate, for C# if I want a logger the common way to do this is to inject it. I pass my logger instance into the component and then I can swap it out as needed. I can't take a static dependency on Logger.Something because then I've have a hard-coded reliance on Logger. In JavaScript, however, I can just call to Logger.Something because "Logger" is changeable depending on what module I load. I could probably be convinced that in the JavaScript world, we can talk about dependencies strictly by discussing modules and not have to bring IoC/DI into the picture at all unless we're using a framework that takes that approach. Might write another article to expand on that in more detail, thanks for taking the time to respond!