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re: These are tools... You can use It... you can also chose not to use It. It’s not an article on what is better. But I can understand your point of view

Absolutely, arrays are tools, essential ones! I guess it isn't obvious what the point of the article is... it reads like you're advocating packing data into arrays rather than data structures with named fields.

That’s why there’s a bold P.S. at the end of It.
If you’re conscious, you can chose to do It and use arrays.
If you dunno the differences, first you should learn those.

I use these tools when I work with the DOM or with very small amounts of data. Just to solve some problem I won’t care in the future about.

Ok I understand, that makes sense. Obviously for experimentation anything goes, and if arrays help you visualize the data then that's a neat perspective on how to use them!

Like I said, the article doesnt make this idea very clear, which is probably what lead to all the confusion in the comments.

I’ve to agree... I’ll do better next time.

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