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Interesting read. I've used Bulma earlier on small hobby-projects and enjoyed it a lot. Never used Tailwind, but I read through much of the documentation and I liked the concept. Quite a different approach compared to bootstrap and bulma. I really want to try it out once and see if I'm able to at least make something half decent with it (bulma/bootstrap makes it quite easy to make good looking sites imo, but all my sites/projects tend to resemble each other... Probably more a failing on my part than the frameworks though)


Yup, a totally different approach from the standard CSS frameworks. If you have a design in mind, then Tailwind would be a good choice. But sometimes the cookie-cutter approach you get from CSS frameworks is might be what you need. So it really depends on the project. I say give Tailwind a try, and that way you will know which approach is best in which scenario 😊

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