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Coding is easy, computer science is not. In order to write good code, you need to know both. Additionally, to write the right kind of code you also need to have the end to end perspective on good design, a firm grasp of process and methodology, and ideally the product domain you are working in.

That part is actually hard and the difference between copy pasting some python/javascript/whatever and adapting that and engineering proper solutions.

Part of the problem is that several of these things are not really covered by education programs. Most of this is either self taught or absorbed through having worked as a junior engineer with some seniors. Basically, like many crafts, you learn through apprenticeships. Your first jobs are about learning this.

So, it's not about the number of languages you know, what books you read, or what institution put their logo on your diplomas, etc. but what you have done in terms of building real world systems and what you have learned from that experience. Some people are quicker than others to pick these things up.


Couldn't agree more, I have started recommending apprenticeships to those looking to get into the tech industry, sure you don't get paid as much, but:

  1. You usually have a job guaranteed at the end of it.

  2. You will learn a crap ton more than you will at university.

  3. You're getting paid to learn and will get a qualification at the end of it.

Thanks for sharing!

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