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I always loved computers, tried hacking QBasic games on my dad's old IBM clone, so when I was in my early teens I decided to try to learn Perl. I got one of those "mastery in 24 hours"-type books from the library, and I remember crying because I'd "never be a real programmer." Nothing made any sense. Since then I kept trying, kept learning, batch scripts, C++, html/case/JavaScript, added ColdFusion, then PHP, BASH scripts, Python, Ruby, Node. Recently I tried again to learn Perl, it's infinitely easier now that I have a stronger grasp of programming concepts. CPAN is a fantastic precursor to PIP, NPM, Yarn - following the Hacker Ethos developed at MIT & Standard, sharing well developed code between hackers to keep making improvements and make programming easier. Without Perl some of these later languages would've never been made. (*cough*PHP*cough*) I've enjoyed finally picking up from my earlier failure.

PS. Arguments are passed to Perl functions in arrays you have to unpack, sure it's a little different, but each language has its quirks.

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