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re: Ideas about preserving history of "fixes" to problems you've encountered? VIEW POST


I have a couple ideas that I have yet to put into practice but am pretty excited about .... one is to look for a stackoverflow question about the same bug & answer it, the other is to spin up a quick gist or blog post describing it and my fix. Would keep the information in an easily-findable spot for later and also possibly help the next person who comes along.


Ah, I missed that you were using gists too! I like to keep it all in one gist so it's easy to find, but I haven't added a whole lot to it so I'm not sure it'll scale.


I think as long as there's a good table of contents it should work out fine! Or multiple gists with a gist of reference links...

Because I have a jekyll blog, writing them as blog posts is just as simple for me.

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