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Discussion on: Does your background make your work unique?

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Jean-Michel Fayard 🇫🇷🇩🇪🇬🇧🇪🇸🇨🇴 • Edited

The answer to your question is a definitive YES

We are like writers who put all their lives in the product of their imagination.
For example when you use an Apple product, you can feel that Steve Jobs copied a lot of good things from the Japanese culture.
They are also very Californian, so they have to claim all the time that they revolutionize everything, even if it's by adding ESC on the keyboard.

I live in a polyglot multicultural world and I think my work reflect that in a lot of subtle ways.

I love dancing and even that inform my way of seeing the world

I love your drawings, they make your product different

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Paula Santamaría Author

Thank you 😊!

I just read your article (while listening to Shakira like you recommended) and I really enjoyed it! I'm from Argentina and I don't really know much about Tango myself, but my grandpa loved it and he and my grandma used to dance together beautifully.

I'm absolutely sure we all put a bit of ourselves when writing software, but I also believe it's important to try and find out what is that makes your own background different so you can take advantage of that and enjoy your work even more!