re: Which top πŸ”₯ technologies πŸ€– and skills βš™οΈ will be high πŸ’‘ in-demand πŸ“ˆ in 2020 ? Let us discuss πŸ’¬ !!! VIEW POST

re: Yeah you are correct but there are some popular technologies which every Job Description mentions and wants Devs to be proficient with it. For exam...

Oh I get that.
I'm looking for a job myself and job description are much more annoying than realistic.

I would recommend skipping them, see what @jacobherrington wrote

Money quote:

Get coffee with someone who can hire you. Ideally, you can build a relationship with someone who can hire you without asking anyone else; CTOs, CEOs, COOs, and Co-founders are the people you want to get to know when you're looking for a job.

Thanks Jean. I would consider your advice.

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