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Josh Michielsen

Sure! I'll probably do a proper write up of my thoughts in a post later on, but basically:

Resume review - We have HR remove as much personal information as they can before we see a resume. Name, social links, etc. We focus on the previous experience of the candidate. Community involvement is a plus (e.g. mentoring, speaking at meetups or conferences, etc), but we focus as much as we can on whether we believe the candidate has some experience relevant to the position.

Phone screen - We do a short 45 min phone screen that is mostly focussed on cultural questions, and how they think about software engineering and the work they do. Some example questions:

  • How do ensure quality in the software you create?
  • What do you look for in a code review?
  • Tell us your experience with working with diverse teams, including teams with different genders, nationalities, neurodiversities, ability , race etc…
  • Tell me about a team experience you found rewarding?

We have very few technical questions in the phone interview, outside some basic sanity questions such as:

  • You’ve been paged, your app is throwing 500 error what steps do you take to resolve this?
  • How would you architect a basic web application?
  • What happens when you type in to your browser?

After the phone interview we provide the candidate with a short (2 hour) technical test. We emphasise to the candidate that we do not want them to spend more than 2 hours on it. We also book the face-to-face interview at the same time. The technical test is not a gate, but rather provides us with insight into the way they think, and a point of discussion for the face-to-face interview.

Face-to-face interview - A large amount of this interview is based on discussions around the technical test, followed by some more generic cultural and technical questions. We will never ask a candidate to write code on a whiteboard.

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Dylan Anthony Author

Excellent info, I'd definitely be interested in a full post about how you go about finding candidates. Thanks again!