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Discussion on: Choosing PHP in 2018

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Jesus Manuel Olivas

Talking about building a REST-API and GraphQL application using PHP you can use the API Platform project (based on Symfony components). You can enable any model as REST/GraphQL endopint by simply adding an annotation to your model class.

This project includes 4 components:

  • API Component
    Build a fully-featured hypermedia or GraphQL API in minutes. Leverage its awesome features to develop complex and high performance API-first projects. Extend or override everything you want.

  • Schema Gen Component
    Instantly generates a PHP data model from the vocabulary. Let the ORM create the related tables.

  • Admin Component
    Adds a convenient Material Design administration interface built with React without writing a line of code. It's a Progressive Web App!

  • Client Gen Component
    Scaffolds a Progressive Web App (React or Vue.js) or a native mobile app (React Native), and edit it to fit your needs.