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Discussion on: 5 use cases of the useState ReactJS hook

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Joe Attardi

You can also use them to store an element ref!
Using a ref is handy but as you probably know, changes to ref.current will not re-render the component.

What if you want it to?

You can use a function ref!

It looks like this:

const [popup, setPopup] = useState();
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Then in your JSX:

<div ref={setPopup}></div>
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If you aren't familiar with this usage of a ref, a function ref gets called with the element. When the element is removed from the DOM, it is called again and passed null.

You can reference the DOM element now via the popup property (not popup.current as this isn't a "standard" ref.

It can be useful!

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Damian Demasi Author

Wow, nice trick! Thanks!