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Discussion on: 5 Reasons to Use Ubuntu Instead of Windows

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Again, its a matter of opinion. Having someone given his/her opinion on a website doesn't make it true or false.

I personally dislike windows interface, specially the win-10 version. People hated the win-8 version but Iiked it.

All of this is just what is is: a matter of opinion.

You could argue that Linux has some trouble with comercial software support like adobe, or it has some issues with new hardware which vendors are lazy enough to miss a huge market by missing a driver. Ok. Agreed

But to say that Linux has problems because it doesnt follow windows design pathway is misinformation, I'm sorry.

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Sloan, the sloth mascot
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I was mentioning the windows interface as an example of something that could be considered an opinion not a fact. I wasn't assuming neither I wrote that you are a windows user, fanatic or anything of such.

All of those problems you are mentioning are problems related to anything that is made by a widespread community. They're not specific linux problems.

I was trying to open your head for another perspective, to you to be able to take another look and maybe understand WHY things are the way they are.

I wasn't defending linux. I use a lot of OS, a lot of plaforms in my personal and professional lives. I could care less about any of them.

But, if you're not prepared to understand why, so by all means, just ignore it. Don't be offended, it wasn't the intention here, ok?