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That’s a lot.

You can certainly have a working knowledge of 5 languages - I have used all of these except Scala - but unless you have 20+ years experience, I don’t think it’s practical to have expert level knowledge in 5 languages.

Especially if you aren’t using them regularly. I used C/C++ for many years but have since forgotten much of it.

That’s not to say there isn’t value in learning multiple languages like this. I have learned some languages, such as Elixir, that I have almost completely forgotten, but have remembered some useful tidbits or patterns, which can definitely be helpful.

Is Scala still popular? I have been out of the Java space for about 4 years now so I’m definitely not current.

Thanks for the post.


Writing C is like riding a bike, it's not something you forget.


Well, you made a good point, You can't be an expert of many things but a decent working knowledge goes a long way. Even in my case, I can only say that I know only Java at the expert level.

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