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re: Just one other consideration in this discussion might be performance. Are ternaries anymore or any less performant than standard if/else statement...

That sounds like premature optimization IMHO, in the vast majority of cases it probably doesn't matter in terms of human perceived performance. I say probably because there's always an exception to every rule :)


Yeah that's probably true, this block of code is probably too small to make any perf change have a non-negligible impact.

Great insight and thanks for reading!

Maybe (probably) I'm wrong, but this would impact performance if it was called a HUGE number of times?

Yet I think in this case, for C at least, this would compile to the same assembly.

I mentioned "premature" optimization. If this was called a huge number of times, and it did impact performance, then it would be time to optimize. But I would be willing to bet that for most use cases, it doesn't really matter.

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