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I have my trigger words, but saying an act is "stupid" or "foolish" is different when a person directly calls you "stupid." Personally, I would write that something is a "bad practice," but that's just my style. I come from a jQuery and Vanilla JS background, so I appreciate someone guiding my way, even with strong wording. I would think it's insulting to assume that "stupid" should be a trigger word for those who have disabilities. I worked with an programmer who was an amputee who used the word, "lame," although I would never use that word myself around him (and try not to in general). Obviously, he meant it to say something was "foolish." I have children, so I substitute the word "silly" for "stupid," but when I'm speaking with my wife, we use the word "stupid," for example, to describe some kind of harmful or useless policy.

I love this article: skepchick.org/2014/02/insults-slur...

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