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Oh and I remember another one:
I interviewed for a month long project in a hip agency. They had all sorts of gaming figures, rc cars and cool plasma screens everywhere on the walls. I felt like I was in silicon valley.

The boss seemed to like me and we quickly came to an agreement. To celebrate he invited me to shoot at each other with the nerf guns which - coming from a pacifist household - I never used before. But I knew egoshooters so instinctively I aimed for the head. I shot him right in the eye and he screamed in agony and rolled himself on the ground. Fortunately there was no serious damage just a bright red eye and maybe a tear of sorrow and surprise or two.

I apologized a thousand times before they sent me home. I still got the job but despite our previous arrangement it was suggested that I should work from home instead which I gladly did.


Hahaha!! I love this, shot him in the eye and still got the job 😂😂

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