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Discussion on: Advanced NestJS: How to build completely dynamic NestJS modules

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John Biundo Author

@gimboya, Thank you for the feedback.

I am in the midst of a large project so won't have time to update the article at the moment, but appreciate your suggestion. I'm sure you probably found it, but just in case, you can view the interface here: Here's what it looks like:

export interface MassiveConnectAsyncOptions
  extends Pick<ModuleMetadata, 'imports'> {
  inject?: any[];
  useExisting?: Type<MassiveOptionsFactory>;
  useClass?: Type<MassiveOptionsFactory>;
  useFactory?: (
    ...args: any[]
  ) => Promise<MassiveConnectOptions> | MassiveConnectOptions;
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Yup got it! and very much appreciate it. I am exited that I am starting to grasp dynamic modules