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I built a DigitalOcean library for myself:

jbw91 / digitalocean-js

JavaScript library for the DigitalOcean API

DigitalOcean JS

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JavaScript library for the DigitalOcean API. For use in Node or the browser.


This library was built with a few goals in mind:

  • Be able to use in a Node or Browser environment with no difference in usage.
  • Use Promises instead of callbacks so clients can make use of async/await.
  • Be built in TypeScript so consumers of the library can benefit from excellent intellisense with the TypeScript definitions.
  • Provide solid documentation including examples for usage.


To use the library, install from the npm repository.

$ npm install --save digitalocean-js
# Alternatively install with yarn
$ yarn add digitalocean-js

Simply import the client and initialize it with your API token:

import { DigitalOcean } from 'digitalocean-js';

const client = new DigitalOcean('my-api-token');

To see all the services available, check out the documentation.

From what I can tell I'm still the only one using it. But it's exactly what I need for a project, so I continue to maintain it for me! :)

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