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Discussion on: Supabase: ten months of building.

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John Carroll • Edited

Honestly, I don't think Supabase or Hasura is that similar to Firebase. But, if you argue that Supabase is similar to Firebase, then Hasura is also similar to Firebase and hence Supabase and Hasura are similar to each other. Each provides real-time database subscriptions, an authorization/authentication layer, ability to call server side functions, etc. The three have completely different APIs, and Supabase/Hasura rely on a relational database vs Firebase's NoSQL database, but the high-level Supabase marketing materials seem to ignore that. My point is that equating Supabase and Firebase to one another seems like a stretch to me but, if you're going to go there, it raises some additional questions that seem to be unaddressed (for me at least).