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Discussion on: Why video tutorials should NOT replace reading documentation

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Jonah Goh

Great post! Really agree with you on this one.
I'm still fairly early in my programming journey and I started mostly by going through video tutorials. I used to learn almost everything through videos on youtube because I felt documentation pages are really wordy, hard to understand and I generally took a long time to find for the information I need. I was so dependent on learning through videos that I used to search for answers of my code on youtube, so that I could follow along. Looking back it, that was quite stupid of me haha.

A while back, I started making documentation as my go to and it is life changing.. I started getting things done so much faster than before. That 10 minutes of video I put myself through, I learn so much more and in depth just by reading the documentation in that same amount of time.

Now, I mostly watch videos only if I am learning something completely new and I want a big picture of it or if I need more clarifications from the documentation I do not quite understand.

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Carl Wills Author

Awesome! I'm glad you found the right combination for your learning style! I'm the same way, I like videos for big picture stuff but I always seem to dig into the documentation to figure out what other options I have, or other things the videos didn't go over.