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Discussion on: Writing some JavaScript classes for interviews (Heap, Trie, etc)

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Jonathan Getahun

Just curious what made you focus on javascript as an interview language over python, like the specific positions you're applying for or something else?

Currently considering picking up python over JS for interviews.

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Braeden Smith Author

Yeah absolutely! I've worked w/ Python a decent amount. I just am so engrained with C style loops, blocking, etc, because I'm often switching between C, C++, & JS. So JS is a great mix of dynamic typing + C style language.

Plus I use a lot of JS for projects, so I'm generally more comfortable iterating fast (as long as I have access to a heap class).

My suggestion is to do a handful of leetcode easy/medium problems. Try in JS and try in Python, whatever makes you work the fastest with clean code is the language I'd recommend! Hopefully that helps!

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