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Discussion on: How best to go about finding a new job?

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Robert Jones

TL;DR: sack off direct applications and go and meet people instead.

I'm having luck like Andy Zhao is- meeting people.

I've contacted close friends and asked them who they know that's vaguely connected to Tech. I've then asked for an introduction.

Ensure your meeting is defined by your interest in learning about them and what they do, rather than your desire for a job.

Everyone loves talking about themselves; before long, all that listening translates into being helped out.

Remember, employers might care about your ability, but they also want to know that you'll fit in the team. How better than a recommendation from their team?

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RevanProdigalKnight Author

That fits with what one of my professors told me just after I got my first job - who you know is much more important than what you know in the long run.