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Discussion on: Writing Async/Await Middleware in Express

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Jose • Edited on

You don't need the "then" since the await do the job.

Also you don't need the next() at the end, if I'm not in a mistake, async express just go next when finish solving all the promises inside the function.

I'm in the mobile now but try to put an example later if you want

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Geoff Davis Author

Thanks! I updated my snippets.

Regarding the next() call, I'll have to check that out.

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I mean this:

const endpoint = '';
const asyncMiddleware = async (req,res) => {
const data = await PromiseBasedDataRequest(endpoint); = await data.json() // if I remember well data.json() its a
//promise too thats why about another

// the workflow continues

Async await it's almost have a "syncronous" code.