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Discussion on: How to diff Excel VBA code in SourceTree (Git client)

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This looks amazing. I tried to follow the instructions above, but have run into some issues.

I have installed xltrial and it works in the command window as intended.
Here is a screenshot of this:

Unfortunately, it is not showing up in the GUI window as shown at the end of this article.
Here is a screenshot of what I have:

I am running version SourceTree version 3.1.2.
Is there something else I am supposed to to in order to get this to work correctly?

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Felix Zumstein Author • Edited

Hi Josh,

it's possible you run into this issue:

Have you tried with an uncommitted change?

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Wow, super fast reply. :)

It does the same thing on an uncommitted change.

I also restarted my computer.
I only have one version of git installed on my computer; the internal one used by SourceTree. So, it's likely not an issue of enabling it on one version of git and not another.