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Discussion on: ✋🏼🔥 CS Visualized: CORS

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Jeppe Reinhold

This is amazing - great down to earth explanation of how CORS works, but just as important, WHY CORS works. You rock!

If I may add, I think it's missing one of the most important parts of CORS, namely that it is NOT a reliable security measure. As it is an opt-in feature by the browsers, it can easily be bypassed by requesting with curl or Postman, or just by installing a browser extension that disables the policy client-side.
I've seen many software engineers mistakenly saying "oh, we've secured our endpoints with CORS, no unauthorized request can happen" - which is not true. It may prevent the user from being tricked into insecure flows (as you explained), but it will not stop hackers from explicitly trying to make malicious requests.